Top 15 YouTube Channels on How To Draw Comics

How To Draw Comics

Have you ever wanted to know How to Draw Comics like the Pros? I hear you chuckle to yourself and say “Yeah right! That will be the day and pigs might fly out of my butt!”.  Come on guys don’t roll your eyes at me. Trust me when I tell you that I know how disheartening it can get when you see the talent these guys have. We’re not about to just give up right?

Hell to the NO!

All of these Pro’s were beginners at one stage, that’s a guarantee. ALL of them have practiced hard and had thousands of hours poured into mastering their skill set. We’re fortunate though because at ToonsAnimeManga I’ve got your back, we’re all in it together because I’m learning with you guys! ToonsAnimeManga is the perfect site to gather a support group around so we never give up, especially when it gets hard. Lets challenge each other everyday and maybe one day we will have our own YouTube channel.

Besides what is stopping you from starting your own channel now? I guarantee you know more than the person that has not yet picked up their pencil.

Don’t be like me and reach 29 years of age before you realize you’ve got all the passion and talent that you’ll need to be able to work your ass off and become the artist you dream about! If my site manages to inspire just one single person to understand this fact then I’ll be proud that my efforts are not wasted.

So what the hell are we waiting for guys? Grab your popcorn and a can of Coke and spend your afternoon diving into the amazing talents we see below. I hope it inspires you like it has for me!

How To Draw Comics YouTube Channels

Please note that these are in no particular order. It’s hard to rank art because everybody is different and there is simply no right or wrong. All of these artists have something to offer on the topic of how to draw comics that you can learn from and for this reason I decided not to rank the channels in any order.

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Draw With Jazza

Jazza’s channel focuses on both how to draw videos and animation tutorials. He’s really well spoken and easy to understand so you should have no problem diving right into the multitude of videos he has on offer.  If you’re lucky enough he also conducts artist showcases where you can send in some of your artwork for him to critique and review. If you get the opportunity then this kind of feedback would be invaluable for you.

His videos are regular so you’ll always have something new to come back to and while you’re there make sure you check out his speed paintings which are simply amazing.


Sergio Ordonez

Sergio Ordonez, or otherwise known as SOSFactory, is one of the most amazing digital artists I’ve seen. Fortunately for us Sergio is passionate about giving back to the community with his mission to help young designers and illustrators develop their true potential. He provides YouTube tips and tutorials on line inking, various methods I might add, and coloring. He also provides us with his very own tutorial portal called SOSArmy. Although SOSArmy is only new I recommend finding some spare change to get hold of his Photoshop Coloring for Characters tutorial.


Cartoon Block

Hey Y’all, It’s your boy Evan, from the Cartoon Block” is the phrase you’re going to become familiar with when you get into the Cartoon Block channel. Cartoon Block focuses on step by step how to draw guides for famous cartoon characters but also tutorials on drawing particular parts of super hero anatomy. Evan and his channel has so much to offer and it’s simply entertaining to watch. Most recently Evan has also added a new feature for artist critiques so watch the submission video and get submitting peeps!

Evan has just recently had his sketchbook funded on Kickstarter which we should see hitting our homes in the not too distant future. One of my favorite videos from Cartoon Block is seeing Evan come through on his promise that, when his Kickstarter was successfully funded, he would run down his street yelling “We’re funded” in his superman pajamas. Check it out!



Rieqws is a channel put together by Reinaldo Quintero, an amazingly talented artist. If I could draw like Reiqws I’d be oh so happy. A word of warning however if you’re under the age of 18 just be aware that some of the drawings within the Reiqws Channel could be considered adult content so if you’re under 18 please check with your parents before if you’re unsure.

Watching Reiqws flick through his sketchbook is simply mouth dropping kind of inspiring. It makes me realize that when it comes to life drawing we don’t necessarily need a class to practice. Life and people are around us all the time and Reiqws captures that by observing what is around him. That’s not to say that Reiqws hasn’t spent years in art schools, I believe he still is in fact, but just look around you as the opportunities to draw something are endless.


Patrick Brown

The ultimate GTA fan artist but so much more too. I think it’s safe to say that Patrick could draw anything he wanted to but his focus has been on GTA game art. Patrick has amazing talent and actually comes  from my home town which is great to see some local talent. Patrick doesn’t upload many videos but I wanted to include him for the single tutorial he created on his art process and Photoshop techniques. The tutorial gave me numerous tips that I’ve been able to use as a beginner to start creating digital artwork. I would love to see more tutorials from Patrick so make sure you get over to his channel and encourage him to make more videos.



Rob Duenas from SketchCraft has already been featured on this site with my post on his current Kickstarter Project called Game Cave. If you haven’t seen Game Cave yet please make sure you DO check it out and pledge if you love what you see. As for the SketchRob channel, as it’s called, you’ll be able to learn amazing coloring techniques from Rob who uses a variety of watercolor, Copic markers and Photoshop. Rob gives a number of awesome tips on how to apply coloring such as starting light but also to outline the outside of your characters in light grey to make your colors “pop” more.

This is not all Rob does in terms of videos you can also drop into one of his LiveStream sessions and ask him questions and chat to him about anything while he’s drawing and coloring. I’ve found this to be an invaluable resource and you can learn so much.


Chris Hart

Chris is a best selling author and his YouTube videos contain anything  from drawing manga, comics, animals and the human figure.  Chris Hart videos are really easy to follow and the characters are typically simple enough that a beginner can follow along and produce an awesome result. Speaking to one of my good friends recently he highly recommend Chris’s book called Figure It Out! and rated it highly for learning how to draw the human figure! Check it out and let me know what you guys think.


ToonBox Studio

Ahhh, ToonBox Studio is a channel that I have a real soft spot for and always recommend. I’ve already spoken about the huge value in purchasing yourself a copy of the courses that Paris and ToonBox Studio make available to us all. They’re fun, the content is exciting and without doubt you’ll become a better artist from doing it. Paris has his own character called Cherry and she features in many of his videos. I believe that Paris would one day like to turn Cherry into the start of her own television show so get behind Paris and show your support.


Will Terrell

Will has a really unique style of drawing. He tends to over exaggerate parts of the anatomy which give each of his drawings so much character and life! He has plenty of tips to saving you money, discussions on drawing supplies as well as some great tips on how to improve your drawings. In many ways the kind of knowledge you’ll receive from Will is similar to Rob from SketchCraft. What I mean by that is that you’re not going to get the standard “Draw a circle, cut the circle in quarters” kind of training but industry tips and advice. You can tune in for an hour while Will tells stories from his own life or documents his art workflow and process.


Todd Nauck

Todd Nauck is an artist currently working for DC Comics and Marvel to name just a few. I’m not sure he needs any further introduction than that. Todd’s channel shows his art workflow from sketching, inking and the final coloring he does on his artwork. He chats throughout his videos about his techniques and tips and also answers questions posted from users on his YouTube channel. If you get the chance ask him a question and you might be lucky to have it answered!



Cartoon Workshop provides simple videos with step by step instructions on how to draw your favorite cartoon, anime and manga characters. Again you’re probably not going to learn huge amounts just by copying what someone else does but it’s still fun. Find your favorite character and get started with the instructions and I’m sure you’ll have something you’re happy with at the end of the video.


Comix Workshop

Both Cartoon Workshop and Comix Workshop are made by the same person. Both of them have a variety of content though so it’s worthwhile checking out both if you’re interested. I should note that the artist uses Copic markers for coloring and you can certainly learn something just by watching what the artist does when coloring.

Bob Meatbag

To put it simply Bob says “I draw things, I hope you like my things“. This is just an introduction to the kind of character and personality Bob is and the style that comes across in his drawings is all that and more. Below is a video where Bob discusses inspiration and how it comes and goes as an artist. It clearly shows within the video that when he finds that inspiration he makes sure that he’s ready to get it down on paper.

I think this is an important message for all artists because inspiration can be hard to find especially as beginners when our drawings fail more often that not. Just keep putting your ideas on paper and before you know it you’ll have something that inspires and final product will capture that.



Sycra’s channel is about as close to a free online art school as you can get. Sycra’s channel has it all from how to draw videos, composition, critiques, artist interviews and most recently the Foundation series on Art & Light. That’s only a snippet however and you really need to spend some time in his channel to get the most out of it. He’s videos are uploaded on a regular basis and some of them have an hour or more of content in each. This is free content that Sycra puts online for the benefit of everyone else. It takes time to do this so get along and thank him for his hard work and support his channel.



MLJarmin has an amazing portfolio of artwork if you head over to his site. He doesn’t post that often to YouTube and when he does it typically results in high velocity learning. What I mean by that is that his videos are substantially speed up but you still get enough time to see what he’s doing. If anything just use his videos to see how he goes about using shapes and other vector based techniques to do his artwork.


+1 Bonus Channel

When I originally created this post I didn’t have my own channel and it was just a long term dream I had for myself. However since then I’ve been working REALLY hard to get my own channel up and running and I think you guys will really love it (insert shameless plug here). Make sure you check out ToonsAnimeManga on YouTube and send some love my way by subscribing for more.

Finishing up

Wow! What a GIGANTIC list of awesome artists on the topic of how to draw comics. I apologize if you spend every waking minute of your future lives browsing through these channels trying to learn everything you can from them. If you’re wondering why the amazing Mark Crilley has been left off this list it’s because he was featured in my Top 5 Manga Channels which you can check out here.

Just remember that you won’t learn just by watching the videos you need to pick up the pencil and starting drawing. I wish there was some overnight way to success guys and gals but there simply isn’t, you just need to keep drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing……..(you get the point).

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So who did I miss? Who else should we add to this list to be the ultimate list of how to draw comics channels? If you could leave your comments below guys that would be so great.

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