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How To Draw Manga

I’ve spoken to a number of artists over the past 5 months or so since I started drawing and I wanted to know what they recommended for learning how to draw manga or cartoons in general. Are big art schools worth the incredible amount of money required to study at them or could we gain a similar education online for a fraction of the price?

In today’s world with YouTube, countless tutorials, deviant art and a community to critique our work is it really necessary? Besides no expensive art school can magically turn you into the artist you aspire to be and you still need the motivation to pick up the pencil day after day and draw for hours on end.

Although some have highlighted life drawing classes and other smaller courses as highly recommended for grasping particular topics the resounding answer has been that art schools are unnecessary. The availability of free content provided online from highly talented individuals in many cases has art schools knocking on their door. Some have even highlighted they’ve been requested to take  content offline as its eating into the schools profits and credibility.

I haven’t been to an art school so I’m not going to be the one to judge however and I feel that they no doubt still provide value to those who study at them. In my path however I’ve chosen education for a smaller price as a more appropriate method of learning. I’ve put together my favorite YouTube Channels for learning how to draw manga for you and I hope you’ll share yours in return. I have many more channels to share with you but wanted focus just on how to draw manga for today.

With each of the links below click on the artist name for access to their channel or view the video just below to experience what you get from their channel. This list is not exhaustive however so if you have more pleeeeeeaaasse share them in the comments below so we can all benefit.

Top 5 How To Draw Manga YouTube Artists

Mark Crilley

When it comes to learning how to draw manga then look no further. Mark Crilley is the best of the best, continuing to give countless hours of his time to the community. Mark brings out a new video every Friday which provides all of us something to look forward to at the end of a long week. Not only can Mark draw manga but he’s also an exceptional artists in all aspects and his realism challenges are something you have to see to believe. His tutorials are so easy to follow and what I produce is always something of significant quality.

Sophie Chan

Sophie’s art work is amazing, lets just get that out! The content she shares is incredibly helpful. She puts countless hours back into the community while at the same time working hard to develop her own manga. It’s amazing to see her progression over the years and it provides us with the inspiration that if we practice as long and as hard as she does we can see great improvement too.


Koizu or otherwise known as Mike Koizumi is another amazing artist. I mean, I feel like I’m repeating myself but for a young artist these guys are all so inspiring. Koizu has some great videos online ranging from facial expressions to clothing and not to forget the plethora of how to draw manga faces in numerous ways. While not as regular as the two above in posting content we need keep encouraging guys like this to share more and highlight how much we appreciate it.

Otaku Fuel / Manga Lessons

These guys originally started as Manga Lessons and have now changed their name and channel to Otaku Fuel (much cooler name). Otaku being the Japanese word for someone with obsessive interests, especially in the manga and anime category. The girls have a really fun approach to their videos and following along is always enjoyable. The output I produce is  something I’m proud to show and that’s a credit to their tips along the way.


Unfortunately Basicmanga101 hasn’t produced a video since earlier this year but their older content is still far too good to look past in my post today. We can only encourage them to come back and in the meantime continue to soak up the amazing tutorials they’ve provided so far.


So what are your favorite manga artists on YouTube? Please share them below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above and even for you to post some of your own drawings and results below. I want this site to be really interactive so all of us can share, encourage each other and highlight the efforts we’re making towards reaching the talent the guys featured in this post today have.

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