It can be hard to keep up with YouTube and it’s ever changing array of How To Draw YouTube channels. Many people have asked me what YouTube channels should they be following for the best How To Draw advice. I’ve wondered the same thing since the day I started my mission to learn how to draw.

While I have a large number of channels that I follow I’m sure that I don’t have all of them which is why I wanted to create a directory which would feature all of the channels known to mankind. The only way I can do this though is with your help to keep it updated and make sure we’re tracking any new channels that pop up along the way.

My quest for help goes out to all the owners of How To Draw YouTube Channels too and that if you want to be listed on this page then just contact me and we’ll be able to add you as soon as possible.


How To Draw YouTube Channels

  1. Alphonso Dunn
  2. BayleeCreations
  3. bobmeatbag
  4. By Artists For Artists
  5. cartoonblock
  6. cartoonblockuncut
  7. cartoonsmartlessons
  8. CartoonWorkshop
  9. Christopher Cayco
  10. Christopher Hart
  11. Clayton Barton
  12. Cody Allen
  13. ComikWorkshop
  14. DarkYamatoMan
  15. Desenhando com Magno Brasil
  16. designioustimes
  17. DesignWolf
  18. DeviantRahll
  19. dibujeando
  20. Draw With Jazza
  21. Drawing Wiff Waffles
  22. Easy Drawing Tutorials
  23. Elizabeth Beals
  24. FaceDrawer
  25. Fine Art Tips
  26. FreddieArtMedia
  27. Fun2Draw
  28. How2DrawAnimals
  29. Illustration Overdose
  30. Illustrator Designs
  31. Jamie Noguchi
  32. Jazza Studios
  33. jeffmiracola
  34. JerrysArtarama
  35. JettyJetShow
  36. Jonathan Rector
  37. Justin Chan
  38. Kipichuuuu
  39. koizu
  40. lanotdesign
  41. Learn2Draw
  42. learningasidraw
  43. lukischannel
  44. MangaLessons
  45. Marcello Barenghi
  46. markcrilley
  47. MasteringAnime
  48. Max – ToonCrafter
  49. MB Workshops
  50. Merrill Kazanjian
  51. mljarmin
  52. MulaDraws
  53. NookDaemon Films
  54. onairvideo
  55. OtakuFuel
  56. PaperWingsComics
  57. Patrick Brown
  58. Peter Stapleton
  59. PortraitDrawing
  60. Proko
  61. REIQ
  62. Rob Duenas
  63. SamuraiMangaWorkshop
  64. Saulman
  65. Scott Robertson
  66. Sergio Ordonez
  67. ShooRayner
  68. SketchArtOfSanchez
  69. SketchinWithCedTatau
  70. Sophie chan
  71. StevRayBro
  72. Sycra
  73. Tailzkip
  74. The Jetty Jet Show
  75. TheHorizonbear
  76. TinTen97
  77. Todd Nauck
  78. Toonboxstudio
  79. ToonsAnimeManga
  80. Tuts+ Illustration
  81. Tyler Edlin
  82. Ucan Draw
  83. Vilson Sin
  84. VZA – Visual Zen Advocate
  85. Will Terrell
  86. Will Terry
  87. Wyatt TheNerd
  88. Xia Taptara
  89. YouCanDrawIt
  90. Zaromaru
  91. Zooc Does Stuff

So there you have it. 91 channels and I’ve undoubtedly missed many more awesome channels¬† that you or your friends might know about. Please like and share this post with as many people as you can because it benefits all of us to have an up to date and complete directory listing of all of the How To Draw YouTube Channels.

If you’ve got any ideas on how we can make this directory listing more useful then please let me know in the comments below but for now let me know any channels I’ve missed? Did your channel make the cut?